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Development of Our Customers’ Business

We understand that different customers have different needs and it may change along with the market as they develop and grow. Some customers will be happy to continue to operate with us just as a sourcing service, ensuring they continue to receive competitively priced quality products.


For some companies it may be more desirable to benefit directly from the low cost labour and technical capability of the East and to set up a Licensee, a Joint Venture (JV) or even a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) to provide a low cost source directly under their own control, enhancing their business in their home country.


BRI recognises this and would look to support customers who would take this approach.  Within BRI there is a wealth of experience able to assist in the whole process from identification of suitable companies to negotiating of the deal.


However while “Doing the Deal” can be quite difficult it is just the start of the process. Delivering once all the papers have been signed is generally a lot more complex and does require considerable management support.


We can continue to provide this support and even help run the companies once they have been set up. In this area customers can benefit by utilizing the capability of the Team BRI who has experience in:

-    the full process of identification and thoughts; to negotiations of joint ventures

-    setting up of wholly owned companies

-    handling the Chinese and the legal bureaucracy

-    partnership management

-    management and running of manufacturing plants and companies

-    sales and marketing in Asia.