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Automotive Handling Equipment

2-Post Lifts
Can be customized for power voltage; increased height with extension

4-Post Lifts
Offerings in various colours and voltages according to market requirement

2-Ton Trolley Jack

Other lifting capacity available

Aluminum Trolley Jack
Low Height, light weight
Scissors Jacks

2 -Ton capacity

Scissors Lift

Wide range of long and short platform scissor lifts,
Lifting Capacity--- -from 3.0T to 5.5T,
Installation Type---- In-ground and surface mounted,
Usage Purpose ---- Quick service, wheel alignment, MOT bays and Tire changing, brake and suspension overhaul

Automotive Parts

Piston Rings
For vehicles and motorcycles; made to best industry standard.

Cylinder Liners
Cylinder liners - chromed


Top quality pistons for petrol and diesel engines.

Brake Pads
  • Steady brake performance on 600°C
  • Excellent shear cut strength around 500N/cm²
  • Long lifespan wear from 80,000 to 120,000km
  • No noise, dust, asbestos, and environment pollution
Engine Bearings

Precision engine bearings made to customer branding.

Brake Shoes
  • Brake shoes for truck and tractor, such as M-Benz, Fiat, etc
  • We can supply popular types of brake shoes for trucks and tractors
  • We can develop new items according to sample or drawings from our customer
  • Die-Cast Parts

    Die-Cast parts of Aluminum or Zinc alloys, machined to highest precision and quality according to customer drawings.Sand casting, investment or loss-wax casting methods are also used. Low volume High Mix products welcomed.
    Parts for automotive industry.
    Zinc casting, Zamak material.
    Other material such as brass can be casted by investment, or gravity die-casting. Sand casting is available too.

    Machined Parts

    Aluminum CNC machined part for industry use.

    CNC machined part - steel.

    Aluminum machined part - chem film coating.

    Ring machined from aluminum extruded tube with internal spline.
    Scale being laser-engraved on the outside diameter.

    Various part machined from CNC Auto-lathe.

    Parts made by 4-axis machine.